What to Expect after the Hair Transplant Surgery


male hair transplant

Week 1:

Patients suffer many types of problems like sensation, bleeding, pain. Swelling of the forehead, around the eyes and other problems occurs in most patients first five days. Dr Rav Sharan Singh provides a better solution to minimize the swelling of the forehead around 50% as compared other clinics. They are used FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technology to solve the problems of patients. Scabs that form around the transplanted grafts begin to fall off. Redness will be disappearing.

Week 2 or 3:

In week 2 or 3, remedial is complete or grafts are permanently placed. But Patients gets shock loss experience. Transplanted hairs disconnected from the microorganism and then start dropping off.  Patients get Confused from this problem but it is a normal. The grafts enter in a mordant phase.

1 to 3 Months:

In this period hairs begins to grow up. The hairs are try to push through the fleece when they come out below the skin, but the patient gets the pimples. If patient gets pimples, then he/she will apply the antibiotics cream around the pimples 2 times in day.

 4 to 6 Months:

Hair transplant growth depends on the patient’s skin, because most of the patients get hairs early or others late. Most patients have experienced different levels of hair growth. Hairs begins thick and lengthy.

7 to 10 Months:

In 7 to 10 Months, Patients see the better result of hair transplant. The results get 70 to 90% approximately.  But Consultation is advised to patient to review the result. Patients easily take a advice from Hair Transplant in Punjab.


1 Year:

In a 1 year hairs are fully grown but thickness and density transplant is normal. Patients cannot take a tension of these types of problems.

Dr Rav Sharan Singh used laser technologies in dermatology e.g. hair removal, skin rejuvenation, skin tightening, hemangiom, spots, redness and capillaries treatment. We can easily take a opinion of Cost from their site (Hair Transplant Cost in Punjab).