Men Must Not have Hair Transplants in their 20’s, says Expert

Men Must Not have Hair Transplants in their 20’s, says Expert

Hair Transplant promises regaining an individual’s hairline with the help of a surgery that seems too good to ignore, especially for a young age guy whose hair falling has no limit.

But an important note warning given by a doctor, states that men in their 20’s should not have hair transplants as it is something that they will regret in their life later.

A hair transplant surgeon and founder of Armani Medical in Dallas, Texas, Dr. Abraham Armani said that around 20 to 30 percent of his hair transplant surgeries are done for corrective measures on people undergoing with secondary or tertiary procedures. These people had their procedures done from other doctors, afterwards which they come here to get it done completely correct.

Armani says that problems begin especially when a hair transplant surgery is done on a man who has not totally lost all his hair. It then becomes a risky affair, as after that younger men may continue to lose more hair in their coming years.

In a hair transplant process, says Armani, that a strip of hair is removed from the very back of a man’s head by a surgeon, who then relocates it to that area of the head where balding occurs. The follicles in the back of the head are permanent, so taking advantage by removing them and transplanting anywhere else on the scalp or body will remain permanent. And if a man’s hair is not quite being lost at the time when transplant process occurs, problems are then sure to arise.

For example a 19 year old comes to Armani to have hair transplantation, and his hairline is lowered by one inch, then that transplanted hair will always remain there. But post five years, he loses other hair areas apart from the transplanted hair which forever is going to remain there, then that is not a natural appearance or would not look good on him.

Now here comes the real story, one guy Billy (name changed) got two hair transplants done in his 20s and experienced the above said risks at a young age. He said that he noticed his hair loss when he was 18 or 19 years old, which also made his self esteem and confidence, lose too. When turning 20, he searched for hair transplant procedures and found a doctor making promise to restore his receding hairline. So he agreed to get the surgery. On removing the bandages post his transplant, he realized it was quite a mistake. He said that his hairline looked like that what we see on a doll, where it looked like a cornfield. It was his devastated experience 20 years ago.

After turning 24, Billy again underwent his second hair transplant to have a more natural hairline, but was again left with unsatisfactory results. Finally, he approached Armani to get his patchy hairline correct.

Armani said, when Billy came to see him last year, he really was looking unnatural and too much self conscious. When the pluggy appearance of the head only gets worse upon losing more in the surrounding area, then only little hair is surrounded by more bald areas, which needs to be fixed. Armani added that quite lot has changed in hair transplantation since Billy had his first surgery 20 years ago against now, where medications like Propecia and Rogaine have become more popular that slows or stops balding.

Armani said first a patient’s hair loss is stabilized using medication and once the loss is stable, then we are able to know about the pattern of balding, which after 3 or 4 years later, a person can look to have hair transplantation.

With Billy’s hairline, Armani used Propecia to stop his further baldness looking to thicken his remaining hair. Then to correct Billy’s patchiness, a hair transplant technique called follicular unit extraction (FUE) was performed. As Billy had two previous transplants done, the skin on his scalp was too tight for getting a normal transplant. But with FUE, individual hair follicle was transplanted, while selectively filling the bald spots between Billy’s earlier transplant lines.

Armani covered Billy’s all thinned out areas of bare skin surrounding eyelets of hair or patches of hair to give him a more natural look. As Billy was told by Armani only this much was to be done in a single procedure, another procedure is needed. Billy is happy with his improved look, and plans to have his one last procedure to make him look much better.

Before a year and a half ago to today, Billy’s hair is now thicker and says the transplant on his head cannot be seen. He hopes his story will prevent other young men to consider his facts before having a hair transplant surgery.

Armani recommends that men looking for hair transplants should directly consult with experienced surgeons (Hair Transplant in Patiala) specializing in hair loss issues, while avoiding middlemen or salespeople directing them to something else. The experienced guy (Hair Transplant Punjab) sits with you understands, analyzes your scalp, takes your medical history and then informs you about options needed to be done whether medicine or hair transplantation, he/she guides you properly.


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